We Never Quit!


We always fight!

We always hit!

Win or lose,

We NEVER quit!

If you’ve had the chance to see one of our games this season, you’ve probably heard this chant. It is our battle cry. It is our motto. On November 9th at the last bout of the 2014 season, Reading was ready to prove to their fans and to themselves that hard work and positive energy pays off.

Coach Boom and Bench Coach Devour kept the lines tight from the first jam. By the middle of the first half RDG was leading the Cherries by a significant margin, and we never looked back. The score at the half was 149-68. The game certainly wasn’t over yet. The Cherries battled back in the second half. They played clean, and hit hard. But RDG countered and fought to keep the lead with the final score of 242- 201.

Not only was this a win for RDG, we were able to raise money to support Laney’s Legacy Foundation. RDG would like to thank all of the vendors who came and to those who donated auction items.

To our supportive fans, we promise to train hard in the off-season, so that we can bring you more wins next year. Till then, keep checking back for updates on the 2015 season.


Varsity Bruize #9