The end of a season

November 1, 2015
Shillington, Pa

Last night, the Reading Derby Girls hosted the Dutchland Derby Rollers in their final home game of the season. It was an aggressive – and at times fast paced – roller derby match that was highly anticipated by both teams. From the blow of the first whistle until halftime when the score reached a height of 122-48 in RDG’s favor – both teams used an intense style of play. With walls that refused to give up even an inch, jammers pushed the walls to the point of breaking to earn well-deserved points for both teams.

Dutchland’s Orange Crush had strong blocker formations that were well practiced, but weren’t enough to keep back Reading’s forceful jammers. RDG’s walls were solid and patient, bringing each line success in holding back Dutchland. In this match, fans were finally able to witness #77 Unsweetened in a blocker position to take control of the track and hold back any jammer that came into her path. We also saw a new jammer combination for RDG that allowed them to keep control of the score throughout the bout in a fluid rotation with a few surprise lineups along the way. While RDG was without a key team member, #915 GoRe-JeSs, they appeared to channel her inner-strength and the lines remained immovable for the majority of the game. The score climbed for RDG in the second half to bring them to a final official score of 250 against DDR’s 95 points.

Both teams took turns on the track to thank fans with a high-five lap and thanked each other for a well fought game. MVPs were awarded to #302 Genghis Bon & #559 Thrill Murray for Dutchland, and #14 J-Bird & #1V Nurse Wreck-It for Reading. The teams joined together in the end for a group photo and congratulated and thanked each other for a hard fought bout.

RDG concludes it’s season with eight wins and two losses with Coach, Julian Feliciano at the helm of a team forging a path with intense training and a unified team culture. The Reading Derby Girls league members take a Winter break starting at the end of November through early January and begin their bouting season in March 2016. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to attend Fresh Meat practices on Wednesdays at 9:00pm throughout the winter and year-round.

Photo by Bridgette Velazquez