Reading Hosts Brandywine’s Brute Squad


On October 12th Reading was honored to host the Brandywine’s Brute Squad in their second to last bout of the season. Both teams were excited to get out on the track and show everyone how much their hard work and dedication paid off.

The first whistle blew and RDG’s jammer, Skater Di took lead and was the first to get point on the board. It was evident early on that both teams were there to win. Brandywine countered and, each team was executing plays, setting up nearly impenetrable walls throughout the first half.

RDG’s Coach Boom kept the excitement going through a close first half. RDG’s good friend Devour (York City’s Derby Dames and PA Allstar) kept the lines strong and focused in her role as bench coach. RDGs walls were solid, but at the half Brandywine was leading 90-123.

The second half was filled excitement. Brandywine’s coaches HotWheels and Rapid ArrhythMia changed strategies, and took a commanding lead over RDG. There were quite a few official timeouts in the second half and RDG lost a few players to penalties. Ultimately, Brandywine took home the win.

Brandywine awarded MVP’s to Skater Di and Nurse Wreck it. RDG chose Rontanamo Bay and Ultra Shear-her from Brandywine.