RDG Rush Week 2015

The questions asked more than any other is how can I try roller derby? When are try-outs? While many teams hold try-outs once or maybe twice a year, the Reading Derby Girls (RDG) are a little different. On July 14, RDG is kicking off another Rush Week for those interested in our sisterhood of athletes on wheels. In this week-long recruitment session, anyone interested in joining roller derby can get an inside look at the league through a brief introduction, two skating sessions, and one team-building event.

Typically, anyone interested in roller derby can attend the Reading Derby Girls fresh meat (introductory style) practices on any Wednesday from 9-11pm at Skateaway. It’s a small dose every week that gradually prepares you for the training and lifestyle of a derby girl. Rush Week on the other hand, is like a homemade meal from grandma where your plate is filled with as much as you can handle, so that you can see what RDG is all about. So, what is it all about? We’re glad you asked. Roller Derby is a highly competitive sport dominated by women. It requires skating skills that are learned through training, perseverance, and determination to get it right. On the other hand, it’s a sisterhood. We protect each other on the track, we push one another, we become stronger… together. And that also extends into our lives off of the track, where we’ve become friends, and one might even say family.

Ask any one of the RDG members how they became a Reading Derby Girl, and each one will give you a different story. But they will all say it’s an amazing thing that has changed their lives for the better.


Registration is required and is available now. Rush Week runs from July 14 – July 19 and the schedule is as follows:
July 14, Tuesday: 6:30pm – Introduction & Skating Assessment
July 15, Wednesday: 9:00pm – Skating Skills (a continuation)
July 17, Friday: 10:00pm – Team Building Event
July 19, Sunday: 10:25am – Reading Derby Girls vs. Brandywine Brute Squad (optional)


What if I don’t know how to skate?
No worries. Many of our members had little to no skating skills when they began. While it may take time, we can teach you how to skate and then transition you into the skills and strategies of roller derby.

I’m little/big/short/tall/extroverted/introverted/a tomboy/bossy/quiet/(insert descriptive word here)
We are all different at RDG. And that’s what makes us such a dynamic group of skaters. The sport of roller derby and Reading Derby Girls embrace women of all kind, so just because you may think being (insert you descriptive word here) is a disadvantage, it may be your biggest advantage in this sport and within our league.

What do I need to participate?
Register here first. Then, we suggest you get a helmet, and a mouth guard. Skates, and additional equipment can be borrowed from our fresh meat gear (first come, first serve basis).

Will I automatically be a member of the Reading Derby Girls after Rush Week?
No. After Rush Week, RDG’s hope is that you will attend our fresh meat practices for a set amount of time in order to become a team member. Each person’s journey is different, but it takes practice, skills tests, and knowledge of the game.

I want to go to Rush Week, but my schedule is just too busy!
Rush Week is only once a year, but you can attend any Fresh Meat practice on Wednesday nights at Skateaway! Arrive at 9:00pm to gear up and be ready to roll. A helmet, mouth guard, and $5 is required for each practice. Fresh Meat practices are conducted by RDG veteran skaters and/or coach.