2016 Season Schedule Announced

February 1, 2016 – The Reading Derby Girls have announced their official 2016 schedule through social media and their website. The league has coordinated a variety of visiting teams to play in their fifth season traveling locally and as far as Connecticut. The team has also invited many local teams from southeast Pennsylvania to host at their home rink, Skateaway Shillington in Reading, Pennsylvania.

All home games are on Sundays at 7:00pm, with doors opening at 6:30pm at Skateaway Shillington, located at 2275 Lancaster Pike, in Shillington Pennsylvania. Ticket prices range from $8-$10 and children 10 & under are free. A printable PDF is available for download here.

All dates are tentative and are subject to change. For up to date information on games and Reading Derby Girls events, follow them on Facebook.

*Dates and times are subject to change

The end of a season

November 1, 2015
Shillington, Pa

Last night, the Reading Derby Girls hosted the Dutchland Derby Rollers in their final home game of the season. It was an aggressive – and at times fast paced – roller derby match that was highly anticipated by both teams. From the blow of the first whistle until halftime when the score reached a height of 122-48 in RDG’s favor – both teams used an intense style of play. With walls that refused to give up even an inch, jammers pushed the walls to the point of breaking to earn well-deserved points for both teams.

Dutchland’s Orange Crush had strong blocker formations that were well practiced, but weren’t enough to keep back Reading’s forceful jammers. RDG’s walls were solid and patient, bringing each line success in holding back Dutchland. In this match, fans were finally able to witness #77 Unsweetened in a blocker position to take control of the track and hold back any jammer that came into her path. We also saw a new jammer combination for RDG that allowed them to keep control of the score throughout the bout in a fluid rotation with a few surprise lineups along the way. While RDG was without a key team member, #915 GoRe-JeSs, they appeared to channel her inner-strength and the lines remained immovable for the majority of the game. The score climbed for RDG in the second half to bring them to a final official score of 250 against DDR’s 95 points.

Both teams took turns on the track to thank fans with a high-five lap and thanked each other for a well fought game. MVPs were awarded to #302 Genghis Bon & #559 Thrill Murray for Dutchland, and #14 J-Bird & #1V Nurse Wreck-It for Reading. The teams joined together in the end for a group photo and congratulated and thanked each other for a hard fought bout.

RDG concludes it’s season with eight wins and two losses with Coach, Julian Feliciano at the helm of a team forging a path with intense training and a unified team culture. The Reading Derby Girls league members take a Winter break starting at the end of November through early January and begin their bouting season in March 2016. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to attend Fresh Meat practices on Wednesdays at 9:00pm throughout the winter and year-round.

Photo by Bridgette Velazquez

RDG Rush Week 2015

The questions asked more than any other is how can I try roller derby? When are try-outs? While many teams hold try-outs once or maybe twice a year, the Reading Derby Girls (RDG) are a little different. On July 14, RDG is kicking off another Rush Week for those interested in our sisterhood of athletes on wheels. In this week-long recruitment session, anyone interested in joining roller derby can get an inside look at the league through a brief introduction, two skating sessions, and one team-building event.

Typically, anyone interested in roller derby can attend the Reading Derby Girls fresh meat (introductory style) practices on any Wednesday from 9-11pm at Skateaway. It’s a small dose every week that gradually prepares you for the training and lifestyle of a derby girl. Rush Week on the other hand, is like a homemade meal from grandma where your plate is filled with as much as you can handle, so that you can see what RDG is all about. So, what is it all about? We’re glad you asked. Roller Derby is a highly competitive sport dominated by women. It requires skating skills that are learned through training, perseverance, and determination to get it right. On the other hand, it’s a sisterhood. We protect each other on the track, we push one another, we become stronger… together. And that also extends into our lives off of the track, where we’ve become friends, and one might even say family.

Ask any one of the RDG members how they became a Reading Derby Girl, and each one will give you a different story. But they will all say it’s an amazing thing that has changed their lives for the better.


Registration is required and is available now. Rush Week runs from July 14 – July 19 and the schedule is as follows:
July 14, Tuesday: 6:30pm – Introduction & Skating Assessment
July 15, Wednesday: 9:00pm – Skating Skills (a continuation)
July 17, Friday: 10:00pm – Team Building Event
July 19, Sunday: 10:25am – Reading Derby Girls vs. Brandywine Brute Squad (optional)


What if I don’t know how to skate?
No worries. Many of our members had little to no skating skills when they began. While it may take time, we can teach you how to skate and then transition you into the skills and strategies of roller derby.

I’m little/big/short/tall/extroverted/introverted/a tomboy/bossy/quiet/(insert descriptive word here)
We are all different at RDG. And that’s what makes us such a dynamic group of skaters. The sport of roller derby and Reading Derby Girls embrace women of all kind, so just because you may think being (insert you descriptive word here) is a disadvantage, it may be your biggest advantage in this sport and within our league.

What do I need to participate?
Register here first. Then, we suggest you get a helmet, and a mouth guard. Skates, and additional equipment can be borrowed from our fresh meat gear (first come, first serve basis).

Will I automatically be a member of the Reading Derby Girls after Rush Week?
No. After Rush Week, RDG’s hope is that you will attend our fresh meat practices for a set amount of time in order to become a team member. Each person’s journey is different, but it takes practice, skills tests, and knowledge of the game.

I want to go to Rush Week, but my schedule is just too busy!
Rush Week is only once a year, but you can attend any Fresh Meat practice on Wednesday nights at Skateaway! Arrive at 9:00pm to gear up and be ready to roll. A helmet, mouth guard, and $5 is required for each practice. Fresh Meat practices are conducted by RDG veteran skaters and/or coach.

March and April Bout Recaps

What a way to start the season! RDG is off to a 2-1 record and our flat track stats ranking is steadily rising. Below are the scores from our first three games. Also, a few of our league members helped fill out the inter league home debut for York City on April 22nd. We had a blast with these ladies and are looking forward to square off with them on May 17th when they come to RDG.

3/15/15 RDG takes the win over NOVA

Skateaway was packed with RDG and NOVA fans to witness 2015’s home opener. Boomtown led the cheering section as RDG took the lead early and never looked back. NOVA battled back in the second half, but RDG refused to quit. Final score RDG 275 NOVA 187.

3/22/15 RDG travels to Jersey

RDG laid a Smack down on the JSRG Beat Down. It was a fast paced hard hitting, nose breaking battle (Just ask Skater Di). But in the end our RDG ladies, who only fielded 11 players, brought home the win 204 to 112.

4/19/15 RDG vs Diamond State Roller Girls

In a nail biter, RDG lost its first game of the season, but not without a fight. It was a battle of strong walls and quick jams. Final score: RDG 136 DSRG 175

In the meantime, we hope to see our fans when we travel just a few miles east on 422 to take on the Pottstown Sabotage this Saturday May 2nd.

Season Ticket Giveaway

Enter to win 2015 Season Tickets!

How to enter?

Two ways:

  • Purchase tickets for our bout on March 15, 2015 against NOVA Roller Derby, through our online ticket purchasing system (BrownPaperTickets.com). One entry)

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  • Sign up to our text/email alert system, which will subscribe you to our email newsletter and/or text alerts. One entry.

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One random winner will be selected from our text/email list, and one random winner will be selected from our list of attendees that purchased tickets through our online ticket purchasing system, brownpapertickets.com.

What do you win?
Each winner will receive two General Admission season tickets, that will include six (6) of Reading Derby Girls home games in the 2015 season at Skateaway Shillington, 2275 Lancaster Pike, Reading, PA 19607.

View a schedule of games >>

Giveaway Rules: Reading Derby Girls (RDG) league members, officials, and their family members are not eligible for any prizes in this giveaway. Giveaway begins February 20, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. and all entries must by submitted before March 14, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. One entry per person, per way. Value of each prize is $96 (includes two season tickets to RDG home games), have no cash value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. Winners will be announced through social media and on our website Sunday, March 15, 2015 before 12:00 p.m. For more information, contact readingderbygirls [at] gmail [dot] com.

2015 Season

January 16, 2015 – The Reading Derby Girls have announced their official 2015 schedule through social media and their website. The team has coordinated a variety of teams to play in their fourth season with teams traveling as far as Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia. The team has also invited many local teams from southeast Pennsylvania to host at their home rink, Skateaway Shillington in Reading, Pennsylvania.

All home games are on Sundays at 7:00pm, with doors opening at 6:30pm at Skateaway Shillington, located at 2275 Lancaster Pike, in Shillington Pennsylvania. Ticket prices range from $8-$10 and children 10 & under are free. A printable PDF is available for download here.

All dates are tentative and are subject to change. For up to date information on games and Reading Derby Girls events, follow them on Facebook.

We Never Quit!


We always fight!

We always hit!

Win or lose,

We NEVER quit!

If you’ve had the chance to see one of our games this season, you’ve probably heard this chant. It is our battle cry. It is our motto. On November 9th at the last bout of the 2014 season, Reading was ready to prove to their fans and to themselves that hard work and positive energy pays off.

Coach Boom and Bench Coach Devour kept the lines tight from the first jam. By the middle of the first half RDG was leading the Cherries by a significant margin, and we never looked back. The score at the half was 149-68. The game certainly wasn’t over yet. The Cherries battled back in the second half. They played clean, and hit hard. But RDG countered and fought to keep the lead with the final score of 242- 201.

Not only was this a win for RDG, we were able to raise money to support Laney’s Legacy Foundation. RDG would like to thank all of the vendors who came and to those who donated auction items.

To our supportive fans, we promise to train hard in the off-season, so that we can bring you more wins next year. Till then, keep checking back for updates on the 2015 season.


Varsity Bruize #9

Reading Hosts Brandywine’s Brute Squad


On October 12th Reading was honored to host the Brandywine’s Brute Squad in their second to last bout of the season. Both teams were excited to get out on the track and show everyone how much their hard work and dedication paid off.

The first whistle blew and RDG’s jammer, Skater Di took lead and was the first to get point on the board. It was evident early on that both teams were there to win. Brandywine countered and, each team was executing plays, setting up nearly impenetrable walls throughout the first half.

RDG’s Coach Boom kept the excitement going through a close first half. RDG’s good friend Devour (York City’s Derby Dames and PA Allstar) kept the lines strong and focused in her role as bench coach. RDGs walls were solid, but at the half Brandywine was leading 90-123.

The second half was filled excitement. Brandywine’s coaches HotWheels and Rapid ArrhythMia changed strategies, and took a commanding lead over RDG. There were quite a few official timeouts in the second half and RDG lost a few players to penalties. Ultimately, Brandywine took home the win.

Brandywine awarded MVP’s to Skater Di and Nurse Wreck it. RDG chose Rontanamo Bay and Ultra Shear-her from Brandywine.