Daylight Slayings Recap

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Photo by Don Carrick, Studio 413 Photography and Design


For those of you who weren’t at Skateaway Rink on March 9, 2014 you missed an amazing home opener for the Reading Derby Girls. It was an inter-league match up of the highest caliber. Friends and teammates were fiercely battling against each other on the track. It was clear during the warmups that these ladies were chomping at the bit to test their might in the oval. Even though they had been training side by side for months in the off season, there would be no friendships crossing team lines once the first whistle blew.

Coach BooM and Dead Eye Doll wrangled the D’Railers lineup. Red Beet Baby, Kiddie CATmus, TombSchrader, Rizzy Rinks, Unsweetened, Lady Mantis and GoRe-JeSs, along with rookie Varsity Bruize took the track dressed to kill in red and black. 

Wearing blue and gold, The Bombshell Brawlers were looking lean and mean.  Veteran players Kid Vicious, Nurse Wreck it, Skater Di, Matzah Maulher and Mandalyn Manson were led by Coach Jeff and Vixxy Rose. Rookie KayKay Railya  and transfer player Lez B Honest rounded out the Bombshell’s lineup. Unfortunately, the Bombshells were missing two of their clutch players, Hollywood Crush-ya and Hail Raiser, out of their lineup.   

The first half was full of big hits from the D’Railers’ blockers who gained an early lead over the Bombshells. The penalty box was hopping, much to the chagrin of the coaches, as quite a few skaters from both teams were racking up penalties. Unfortunately for the Bombshells, Lez B Honest suffered an injury and had to come out of the game. Jammers from both teams continued busting and weaving through walls to put up points. The crowd was cheering wildly, and I’m pretty sure I saw a fan with a horse head mask jumping out of his seat. Undeterred by the injuries, during the last jam before the end of the half the Bombshells battled back, and in a power jam by KayKay took the lead away from the D’Railers. The score at the half was a tight 138-130.

As the teams left for half time, the rink was humming with anticipation. Would the Bombshells be able to hold onto the lead in the second half, or would the D’Railers take it back? Both teams emerged with determination seeping from their sweaty elbow and knee pads. Faces once filled withmouthguard trimmed grins were now set and smeared eyeliner told the crowd both sides meant business.

The Bombshells were able to hold onto their lead part way into the second half. However, the penalties from both teams began to pile up. Hard hits were coming from everyone on the track. Midway through the second half, the Bombshells lost KayKay for making one too many penalties. The D’Railers, raced along like a well oiled machine, regained the lead and never looked back. The final score was a hard fought 243-274.

Love and congratulations filled the rink with both teams acknowledging each other’s efforts. Kid Vicious and Matzah Maulher took home MVP awards for the Bombshells. On the D’Railers side it was Red Beet Baby and Unsweetened who picked up the coveted MVP awards. Overall, not a bad way to open up the derby season for RDG. Let the good times roll and see you next time! 


Varsity Bruize #9